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Client Services
Perfect Information – Research Services
Fast, on demand multijurisdictional access to corporate documents.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION AND ORDER INSTRUCTIONS email or phone +44 (0)20 7892 4220.

PLEASE NOTE: Not all documents are available for all companies due to varying local filing requirements.

Our research team will check availability of documents as soon the request is received and will advise of availability as soon as possible.

For full price list and document availability by country click here.
PI research offers tailor made packages to meet your specific requirements. Each package is as individual as your requirements. You tell us what you want and we’ll compile the relevant package for you.

The AML package contains essential original documents such as incorporation documents, annual returns as well as annual accounts. We’ll create a summary sheet for you so you can reference relevant information – avoiding language barriers associated with International documents.

Benefits of having a package:
Links to information and documents providing you easy access to the information you need
English referencing making international documents easier to understand
Delivery time 2-3 hours – saving you time and money
Original corporate documents provided which ensure accuracy (no re-keying involved)
Uruguay has recently been added to our list of countries covered and we can now provide accounts in 24 hours